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Promotion Package for Start-Ups 

Perks & Start-UpBundle

Legal Consultation

Up to 5 designated 30 mins consultations on separate legal matters
Worth S$300 x 5 = S$1,500

Access to Documents

Access to 3 out of the most commonly used agreements:
  • resignation letter (4 weeks' notice)
  • employment contract
  • loan agreement
  • subscription agreement
  • shareholders agreement

Worth S$2500 x 3 = S$7,500

Demand Letter

Document Review

25% discount


WORTH: S$15,200

Up to 3 demand letters

Worth $400 x 3 = $1,200
Review up to 2 legal documents, up to 20 pages per document for legal review

Worth: S$2,500 x 2 = S$5,000
25% off hourly rate for any additional legal
No hidden cost 
No hourly fee
No shocking bills
Have Any of These Issues Been Bothering You?

How to protect myself?

What is the best structure for my business?

What license do I need for my business?

What documents do I need for my business?

Is there anything I must have in the tenancy agreement?

One is what I need to be aware of?

What is my exposure when I start a business?

Shall I sign any documents

provided to me?

What are the most common mistakes in the sector that my business is in?

Legal Business Entities: Which Is The Best Fit For Your Business?

Legal Considerations for Starting an E-commerce Business

What Types of Fund Raising Options are Available?

1. What to expect during the legal consultation
2. Do I need to amend the documents myself?
3. Is your package inclusive of everything? Are there any hidden charges?
4. Can I choose to select the services which I do not want in the package?
5. What is the advantage of having a package and using your services on an ad hoc basis?
6. What should I sign up with you and not other service provider?

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