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Loke Saw Hooi

Tel: +65 6926 9668 / +65 9109 7269


Mergers & Acquisitions

Banking & Finance


  • Advocate & Solicitor of Supreme Court of Singapore (2012)

  • Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya (2004)

  • Barrister-at-Law, The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn (2003)

General corporate, commercial & civil litigation in banking & finance, company law, torts, employment, intellectual property, family law, and estate administration (probate & letters of administration and resealing of a foreign grant of probate & letters of administration

Fluent in both spoken and written English, Mandarin (Putonghua), and Malay (Bahasa Malaysia & Indonesia). Conversational in Cantonese, Hokkien, and Hakka (Chinese dialects).

Working Experience & Key Accomplishments


Worked as a lawyer in Malaysia and Singapore



  • Drafted, reviewed, and advised various corporations on legal documentation, corporate, and commercial agreements.​

  • Assisting in general corporate commercial legal advice.

  • Assisted in advising banking and security documentation.

  • Advised and acted for various local companies in their trademark registration, enforcement, and protection of their intellectual property portfolio.

  • Assisted in advising clients and collaborated with lawyers from Paris in relation to the drafting of Assignment Deeds, Fees Agreements, trademark infringement, passing off, and employment issues in Singapore.

  • Assisted in advising clients and collaborated with Hong Kong lawyers in commencing copyright infringement cases in Hong Kong.

  • Assisted in advising clients on enforcement of a foreign judgment in Singapore Court.

  • Working in conjunction with legal correspondents in Jakarta:-

  1. Sale and Purchase of Shares Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements,  Distributorship Agreements, License Agreements, Technical Assistance  Agreements, Franchise Agreements;

  2. Acquisition of Indonesian companies;

  3. Legal due diligence;

  4. Incorporation of Indonesian companies;

  5. Licenses/permits applications;

  6. Establishment of Representative Offices;

  7. Sale & Purchase/Leasing of Land/Factory Buildings and Houses;

  8. Corporate dispute resolution and amicable settlement;

  9. Application of Indonesian Work Permit/Multiple Entry Business Visas;

  10. Banking and Security Documentation including Loan Agreements, Fiduciary  Security, Liability Rights (Hak Tangungan), Corporate and Personal Guarantees, and registration of security documents in Indonesia.

  • Working in conjunction with legal correspondents in Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in commercial transactions and contracts; property transactions; banking transactions and intellectual property matters.


  • Advisory work and acted for financial institutions in various mortgages and debt recovery actions, execution proceedings, enforcement of security, receivership, liquidations, bankruptcy & foreclosure proceedings, land inquiries, proceedings involving schemes of arrangements, and restructuring of debtor companies.

  • Acted for financial institutions in criminal miscellaneous application: forfeiture of property proceedings to claim the ownership of the vehicle in the hire purchase agreement entered between the bank and the accused involved in dangerous drug act cases.

  • Advised and acted for an established property management corporation on property management matters, debt recovery action, and enforcement proceedings.

  • Acted for insurance companies and individuals in road traffic accident claims and negotiated out-of-court settlements.

  • Successfully represented clients in actions to enforce the terms of a settlement agreement in various areas of law.

  • Represented the company in winding up and enforcement proceedings.

  • Claims for unlawful distress and trespass by the landlord, a private nuisance for the erection of illegal structures on common property.

  • Advised and acted for companies on the issue of employee misconduct, wrongful and constructive dismissal.

  • Prepared divorce petitions and represented clients in the High Court for divorce proceedings.

  • Prepared petitions and represented clients in the High Court for the issuance of grants of probate or letters of administration.

  • Conducted hearings, appeals, pleas in mitigation, and bail applications for various criminal offenses.


Worked as in-house legal & compliance counsel & business contract manager in MNC:-

  • Revamped critical contracts for group entities and drafting of new templates as and when required

  • Dealt with all issues of law, regulations, and compliance relating to the business (privacy, security, intellectual property, data protection, consumer protection, export control.

  • Conducted internal legal risk awareness contracts and compliance training in Asia Pacific.  

  • Implemented legal policy and process: to draw attention to relevant legal developments and to make suggestions on the implementation to ensure that the group entities comply with laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate to minimize business/legal risk.

  • Participated, managed, and provided legal support in project developments that have a legal and regulatory impact on the organization. 

  • Collaborated with external lawyers on litigation and arbitration matters on claims and disputes in Asia Pacific and Europe.

  • Advised on pharmaceutical and medical device industry issues such as product registration, and promotional and advertising practices.

  • Supported intellectual property issues in Asia Pacific & involved in trademark infringement complaints in China and collaborated closely with the personnel in Alibaba, and companies in China & Taiwan.








Intellectual Property

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